1. Concept Development

If you have an innovative idea but you are not sure how to turn it into a reality, Aversan Labs will work with you to define the technical requirements for a marketable product. Through consultation, the product specification is defined to include its functional and performance requirements.

One or more concepts are usually generated and rough sketches or CAD models are created to convey the product’s fit, form, and function. A concept review evaluates the options, elects the best option and establishes the criteria for the next steps in the process.

As a branch of Aversan, we are well equipped with developing a concept so that it can reach its full potential on the market. We are experienced with turning a figment of your imagination into a tangible product fit for the market. Our team will work alongside yours to ensure that the product is up to your standards and meets all of the specifications that you require and more Aversan Labs is at your service to take your business idea to the next step.

Our Services Include

  • Solid works
  • AutoCAD
  • Freehand Sketching
  • Consulting
Concept Development by AversanLabs
2. Project Management

The best way to ensure the success of any project is through proactive project management. A project guided by project management’s best practices can deliver substantial results aligned with key business goals. Our project management professionals work closely with their clients engaging them every step of the way. Our team will work with you to establish deadlines and adhere to them without the cost of quality.

Project managers will work with engineering, development teams, and the client to come up with a high-level design including various tools and frameworks, along with a project plan, highlighting key milestones, feature deliveries, and demo checkpoints.

Aversan Labs has experience running a variety of projects ranging in size from company-wide projects to smaller teams. Depending on your level of comfort, we are able to accommodate you and your level of involvement throughout the product development life cycle.

Our Services Include

  • Concept Evaluation
  • Planning Documentation
  • Schedule, Budget & Logistics Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Risk & Issue Management
  • Project Governance & Executive Oversight
  • Return on Investment Data
Project management by aversanlabs
3. Systems Design

System design and architecture that is safe, reliable and cost-effective starts with well-defined requirements, and customer involvement. We believe that partnership is paramount and customer involvement throughout the project enables us to deliver designs which exceed the mark. Our Systems Engineering solution fully integrates cross-discipline modeling, simulation, verification, validation and business support needed to develop your IoT products.

Aversan Labs believes that as a system, the results that we produce as a partnership would be unattainable if we were to work separately. Your creative ideas paired with our engineering know how to make a cohesive system that runs like a well-oiled matching. We are able to focus on the big picture of the product to ensure that each and every element of it are able to run smoothly.

Our Services Include

  • System Requirements Specification
  • System Architecture
  • System/Subsystem Design Document
  • Hardware, Software & FPGA Requirements Specification
  • System Verification & Validation
  • Requirements Trace Matrix
Best System design and architecture by aversanlabs
4. Embedded Software Development

Aversan Labs develops embedded software solutions that precisely targets product requirements while maintaining the highest standards of security. We bring over 15 years of aerospace’s best practices into our IoT Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), improving the quality and overall development process of your software. With mature capabilities in developing software for real-time systems, our team of software engineers work with real-time operating systems (RTOS) such as LynxOS and VxWorks, along with embedded Linux, to develop your BSPs drivers and application software.

As a large team of software engineers, we are able to make changes to the programs that you would like with little to no turnaround time. This allows us to remain on course for our deadline.

Our Services Include

  • Software Requirement Analysis
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Design
  • Coding
  • Software Test Plan
  • Software Test Case Development
  • Software Verification & Validation
  • Test Automation
Embedded Software Development by aversanlabs
5. Hardware Design

IoT devices heavily rely on Wi-Fi, Cellular, and Bluetooth technology which adds an extra layer of complexity to your product design. Aversan Labs carefully takes into consideration RF performance, power consumption, system architecture, design for testing, and design for manufacturing, throughout the design process to improve the stability and performance of your application, while reducing overall time to market and mitigating risk. Aversan Labs can design analog and digital interfaces for custom systems which meet difficult size, weight and power constraints. You can eliminate costly hardware design revisions and delays by working with Aversan Labs.

With our in-house team, we are able to maximize turnaround time by eliminating the need to send it abroad to be manufactured. Aversan Labs is capable of producing and altering any hardware components in our Mississauga lab space. Our highly skilled hardware engineers know just what your product needs from their years of experience working with Aversan.

Our Services Include

  • Electrical And Electronics Design
  • Schematic Capture
  • Simulation & Analysis
  • Digital & Analog Circuitry
  • Wireless/RF Design
  • PCB Layout
  • Signal Integrity
  • Component Selection
  • Design Verification & Validation
  • Prototyping Production Ready
Hardware Design
6. Mechanical Design

Aversan Labs provides effective 3D modeling, accompanied by 2D drawings and Tree Diagrams outlining the mechanical breakdown of your design. Simulations and analysis are conducted in the early design process to minimize risk by revealing obstacles such as temperature, stress, and vibrations that impact your product. Furthermore, we carefully design your product to facilitate the manufacturing and assembly process in order to reduce manufacturing costs.

We are highly skilled in the mechanical design needed for prototyping, manufacturing, and assembly. Aversan Labs’ team of mechanical engineers do it all.

Our Services Include

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • 3-D Modelling
  • Detailed Assembly & Part Drawings
  • Finite Element Analysis : Thermal, Dynamic, Structural and Vibration Analysis
  • Material & Component Selection
  • Failure Mode Effective Analysis (FMEA)
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Design for Assembly
  • Industrial Design
Mechanical Design with effective 3D modeling and 2D drawings
7. Prototyping

Creating a prototype is critical to test and refine physical product ideas. We construct creative ways to prototype your interactive product idea early-on in development, allowing you to quickly get user feedback and refine the functionality, saving you time and development cost over the course of your project. Prototypes are quick and economical, without the need for the investment in hard tooling.

Aversan Labs is able to 3D print your prototypes in house, eliminating the need to outsource this task. This is very cost efficient by reducing the time while increasing the quality of the initial prototype. As a company we believe that prototyping plays a crucial role in the success of your product as a successful prototype paves the way for a successful marketable product.

Our Services Include

  • Product in Use Testing & Optimization
  • Engineering Validation
  • Design Validation
  • Production Validation
  • Machined Prototypes
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8. Automated Testing

With the Aversan Labs Automated Test Equipment (ATE) your products can perform the functional tests you need, as well as automatically generate reports and logs to integrate into your document management system and streamline your processes. The ATE solution from Aversan is designed with over a decade of complex electronic controller development experience behind it.

Each ATE solution is tailored to its intended test device but is based on a core software and hardware framework. This means that your testing process will be unique and specially designed for your product. We take into account all of the specifications that you require, ensure they are working properly through testing, and analyze the results to ensure that we are maximizing the potential of your product.

  • ATE System Design
  • ATE Hardware Design
  • ATE Hardware Design
  • ATE Mechanical Design
  • Test Script Development
  • ATE Qualification and Certification
Aversan Labs Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
9. Verification and Validation

We offer a proven ability to perform, report, and deliver software and hardware verification plans, procedures, tools, and artifacts to your specifications and to sector-driven regulatory standards. Aversan Labs utilizes a test-driven approach that ensures issues are caught and fixed at every stage. We fine-tune our products through iterative demo stages, add value to the product, and find ways to exceed expectations.  Driven by a robust Quality Management System, experienced and trained verification engineers to work to industry standards to provide Verification and Validation with the highest assurance.

We promise that your product will exceed industry standards through verification and validation. Aversan Labs Our verification and validation process ensures that your product is reliable for consumers allowing your product to be a staple around the world.

Our Services Include

  • System Verification & Validation
  • Hardware Verification & Validation
  • Software Verification & Validation
  • User Acceptance Test
  • Robustness Test
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10. Qualification and Certification

Aversan Labs designs products to meet qualification standards for Certification and supports the development and execution of thorough test plans. Aversan Labs manages and, in partnership with accredited labs, executes qualification of IoT systems.

Remain confident that your project will pass final software, hardware, and electrical regulatory controls as Aversan has over a decade of experience in supporting customers to generate artifacts necessary for certification. Ranging from large-scale formal testing of multi-control systems in real-time simulation labs to small teams performing software verification and validation, Aversan Labs can handle projects of any size. Regardless of the number of components that need to be qualified and certified, you can rest easy knowing that Aversan Labs with not miss a thing.

Our Services Include

  • Burn-in & Environmental Test
  • Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT)
  • Highly Accelerated Stress Screening Test (HASS)
  • EMI/EMC Qualification
  • Certification Management Services
  • Regulatory Approvals (FCC, ISED, CE, Global Market Access)
  • Product Safety Certifications (UL/CSA, IECEx/ATEX, NRTL, Battery, Etc.)
  • Industry Certifications (PTCRB, GCF, BT-SIG, LoRa Alliance, Etc.)
  • Wireless Carrier Certifications For Connected Devices
  • Certification Support: Agent Services, Pre-Compliance Testing
Qualification standards for Certification
11. Manufacturing, Maintenance, and Support

Aversan Labs goes through an extensive process in determining approved manufacturers. We have developed long term relationships that we leverage with qualified vendors that have proven their record of quality and reliability in order to deliver your market-ready product.Our manufacturing partners are carefully selected and vetted by our team personally. We are confident in their capabilities as a manufacturing company and their fit with your product.

Even after your product has hit the market, Aversan Labs is committed to your product’s performance. We provide services such as performance enhancements, adaptive maintenance, automated re-engineering, along with upgrades to modern releases, and technologies.

Our Services Include

  • Manufacturing Feasibility & Cost Analysis
  • Manufacturing Supply Agreements
  • Manufacture Quality Plan
  • Manufacturing Pre-Approval
  • Vendor Analysis & Selection
  • Ongoing Quality Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Boundary Scan Script Creation
  • Functional Test Equipment
  • Acceptance Test Procedure
  • Firmware & Software update
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12. Cloud Software Development

Every day more and more connected devices are making their way into our lives and with this comes the production of large amounts of data, which must be stored, processed and accessed. Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence.

The combination of cloud computing and IoT will enable new monitoring services and powerful processing of sensory data streams. For example, sensory data can be uploaded and stored within the cloud to be used intelligently for smart monitoring and actuation with other smart devices. At Aversan Labs our developers provide custom cloud solutions to meet your IoT product’s needs and enhance user’s experience while maximizing the information that can be attained from the data collected.

Aversan Labs will develop custom algorithms that can analyze for anything that you may need. We ensure that the data and analysis will be presented in a readable manner regardless of your technical capabilities. We are here to help you understand the data that is being collected in any way, shape or form.

Our Services Include

  • Custom Cloud Computing Development
  • Secure Cloud Computing Implementation
  • Cloud Application Development Services
  • Cloud Integration Services
  • Cloud Programming Solutions
  • Cloud Computing Protocol Solutions
  • Cloud Migration And Implementation services
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13. AI Software Development & Data Analytics

We design, develop and deploy tools and algorithms that make your IoT products smarter. Our AI solutions work by combining large amounts of data with fast iterative processing and intelligent algorithms, allowing the software to learn automatically from patterns of features in the data. Through data processing, our AI solutions enable your system to perform human-like tasks.

The biggest advantage this technology brings is the ability to have a wealth of information available at your fingertips. We develop Data Analytic software that monitors and provides predictive data of your IoT connected devices.  With custom dashboards, reporting tools, and live updates, we work with you to ensure that you always have access to the right pieces of information with the ability to dig deeper when you need.

We use the latest technologies such as

  • Advanced Algorithms
  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Network
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning
Best Artificial intelligence services in USA
14. Apps Development

We design and develop apps that allow users to monitor their data and control their systems from any device, anywhere in the world. Our highly skilled IoT app developers have expertise in IoT specific UI and UX and can create apps that compliment your IoT product with a user-friendly mobile application.

We understand the need to be able to control your IoT system from anywhere and will work with you to ensure that you have the capabilities that you need to monitor, control, and change settings on your IoT systems.

We have the development experience in

  • UI & UX Design
  • Front End Development
  • Back - End Development
  • Database Management
Mobile application development company