Smart Homes – The Next Big Renovation?

Automated Smart Home System
Smart Homes – The Next Big Renovation?

Benefits of Having IoT Systems in the Home

What is a Smart Home?

In simplest terms, a smart home is a home that is equipped with lighting, heating and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer.  With tools like Google Home and Alexa, home owners can access and control different parts of their home with a verbal command or through a piece of equipment.  Lights, temperatures, even questions like “what’s the weather?” can be adjusted and answered by smart home technology, reducing the amount of work home owners have to do themselves.  Thanks to IoT technology used to link devices to homes, the connection between devices have gotten smaller, and as such the gap between users and devices have also shrunk.  This has led to the gap between homes and home owners shrinking as well – creating a new relationship between homes and home owners.

Pros of the Smart Home

With the gap shrinking between the home and the home owner, there are beneficial smart home features that can be used in order to make a more comfortable and convenient living experience for home owners.

Home Monitoring Away From Home

When you are away on a vacation, what sort of security measures do you take to watch over your empty home?  Do you ask neighbours to check in on your house every few days?  With Smart technology, you can watch over your home whenever you want, wherever you are.  Not only are you able to check in on your own schedule, but notifications can be set to automatically alert you of any unusual activity.

Automatic Assistance & Care

What happens in an elderly person who lives alone falls down?  Smart home technology can be used to monitor the actions and movement of residents, and if an accident occurs, a call for help or a doctor will be automatically dialled.

Smart homes can also help the elderly on a more day to day lifestyle, with reminders to take medication and partake in exercise being set.

Saving Energy & Time

Ever wondered if you left a light or appliance on after you’ve already stepped out? With Smart Homes, there are two solutions you can take.  With device set up, you can control systems in home outside of home, allowing you to take off the lights or stove without having to go back home.

Want an option that saves you the time of checking in at home?  Smart homes can also be set to automatically take off appliances and lighting if they don’t detect movement in a room or area.  With this option, you know that even if you don’t power everything down before heading out, it won’t be running when you get back home.

Aversan Labs’ Smart Home Capabilities

With so many positive features, the demand of installing smart home technology has increased exceptionally in the last few years.  If you have an idea of how to create smart technology, but don’t have the capability – Aversan Labs can help!

Aversan Labs’ goal is to help customers bring their ideas to life.  With experience in IoT and Smart Technology, you can rest assured that Aversan Labs will help you every step along the way to create, test and verify your smart home technology.

Do you have other Smart Home technology ideas?  Do you have a solution that you need help creating?  Reach out to Aversan Labs and let us help you bring your idea to market.


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