MP Omar AIghabra visits Aversan Labs

On March 14th, Aversan Labs had the opportunity to host MP Omar Alghabra, our Member of Parliament for Mississauga Centre.  MP Alghabra is currently a Liberal member of the House of Commons in Canada and is also a Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade Diversification.  MP Alghabra stated that he was happy to learn more about Aversan Labs and see our facility.  We were excited and honoured to host such an occasion in Aversan Lab’s Mississauga Office.

MP Omar Alghabra with Aversan Inc. CEO Ted Sherlock

MP Omar Alghabra with Aversan Inc. COO Nathan Nandhakumaran

During this visit, Aversan Labs’ Chief Operating Officer Nathan Nandhakumaran gave MP Alghabra a presentation about Aversan Labs.  The presentation outlined how our engineering projects are benefiting Canada’s defence and transportation.  COO Nandhakumaran described how Aversan Labs has exciting projects ahead, and how the company seeks to recruit eager and ready to work applicants in the future.

After the presentation, MP Alghabra was given a tour of our facility and was able to see what sort of projects our engineers are currently working on.  COO Nandhakumaran showcased some of our projects during the tour, allowing MP Alghabra to learn about our company’s advanced engineering accomplishments and certification capabilities that AversanLabs offers.  MP Alghabra was later able to meet Ted Sherlock, and discuss what the company has planned for the future.

As an engineer himself, MP Alghabra said that he “thought everything we told him, and everything we do here, quite fascinating.”  He stated that as the Member of Parliament for Mississauga Centre, he is our “neighbour and our MP.”

Aversan Labs. looks forward to officially to starting this business relationship with MP Alghabra.