Emergency IoT Technology – Highlighting the Smart Water System

Emergency IoT Technology
Highlighting the Smart Water System

More than half of the world’s population now live in urban centres.  That number is estimated to grow to two-thirds by 2050. With millions of people living in cities, smart technologies have been introduced to make overseeing these communities easier for city management. Internet of Things (IoT) technology like smart lighting have been implemented in more cities in the last decade in order to help control and preserve power and electricity usage. However, with the volume of people in cities increasing, more problems are likely to occur with fire hazards, power usage, security and leakage. With IoT Technology, emergency response solutions can be created to provide real-time updates and solutions for these complications like never before.

Can IoT Tech Be Used for Emergencies?

With the advances in technology over the last decade, humans have grown accustomed to instantaneous responses in communication based technologies such as instant messaging and social media.  Since people have grown used to receiving such responses in other areas of life, it makes sense that solutions should be created to help provide instant help and support in emergency situations. Now, the majority of emergency services require human involvement to begin, for example calling the police or powering down an appliance or tool that may be malfunctioning. Other technologies that do not require human intervention like smoke detectors and water sprinklers are effective, but they require a problem to have occurred to take action. The next steps in emergency response procedures and technology will be to eliminate the need of human involvement to start the process and to try and prevent an accident from occurring at all.

With such an advancement, emergencies would be able to be caught before they escalate out of proportion, maybe even before humans are aware of it, minimizing damage and response time – or even before the problem has occurred, reducing damage altogether.

Leak Detection and Protection – Smart Water System

Aversan Labs proudly created a smart water system for a customer that works to detect, monitor and prevent leaks in buildings. The smart water system allows users to remotely monitor and control water metre data, temperature, pressure and valve status – allowing users to get information instantly about their water systems. This information can all be accessed from a user’s device through a cloud based dashboard, allowing them to see their water system data from anywhere. Not only is the information always accessible, but it provides users with notifications from leak sensors, alerting them when a part may be faulty and in need of repair or replacement.  These notifications remove the need for human monitoring, as it can detect and alert users about foreseeable problems, giving them notice to find a solution.

In the case that there is a problem, the system has instant leak detection in the mechanical plumbing systems of commercial properties, with which it then sends out an alert to users. The smart water system also has the capability of opening and closing specific water valves anywhere throughout a building, which will allow users to pinpoint the leaking location and thus control flooding in minimal time. This is not only useful for homeowners, but building owners, as it can keep a leak controlled on one floor so as not to disturb other people separate from the problem on different floors – a huge advantage for apartment buildings in growing urban centres.

With technologies like this smart water system on the rise, the future of emergency response and smart technology is only getting started.

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