Concept Development
Should Computer Science Be Required in High School?
I can easily recall my first exposure to computers. I was a public school student in the early ‘80s, and our school had just procured an Apple II desktop for the library with a monochrome (green) monitor, and 5.5-inch disks for storage read by an external drive. The device was such a novelty at the time, with every student wanting to try it out. Since then, much has developed in computing technology – portability, speed, screen resolution, and disk storage...
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Too much communication
Communication, Too Much Communication
The Benefits of a Unified Engineering Tool Chain in Interdisciplinary Engineering "Everybody's marriage is falling apart except ours. You see the problem is communication... too much communication." The not-so-wise words of Homer Simpson ring as false in an engineering environment as they do in a relationship. Interdisciplinary engineering is made up of complex interdepartmental relationships with sometimes dozens of teams working in conjunction to complete a program under very tight timelines. In order for a project to be successful the...
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