Emergency IoT Technology – Highlighting the Smart Water System
Emergency IoT Technology - Highlighting the Smart Water System - More than half of the world’s population now live in urban centres.  That number is estimated to grow to two-thirds by 2050. With millions of people living in cities, smart technologies have been introduced to make overseeing these communities easier for city management. Internet of Things (IoT) technology like smart lighting have been implemented in more cities in the last decade in order to help control and preserve power and...
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Automated Smart Home System
Smart Homes – The Next Big Renovation?
Smart Homes – The Next Big Renovation? Benefits of Having IoT Systems in the Home What is a Smart Home? In simplest terms, a smart home is a home that is equipped with lighting, heating and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer.  With tools like Google Home and Alexa, home owners can access and control different parts of their home with a verbal command or through a piece of equipment.  Lights, temperatures, even questions like...
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Creating a Global Hub for Innovation
A sub division of Google, called Sidewalk, has decided to test out a new style of neighborhood right on Toronto’s waterfront. Their smart city approach is comprised of various data driven technology systems aimed to improve the quality of city life. Sidewalk with invest $50-million over the span of a year to develop the 12 acre district of Quayside. The space includes at least 3.3 million square feet of residential, office, and commercial space where a new Google headquarters will...
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Filling the Hole with Tech
Potholes. They are literally everywhere and seem to be there for an eternity. They may seem to be just a nuisance to drivers and cyclists, but in reality they can pose a much bigger threat considering all that lies beneath our streets like water, gas, and electrical lines. But what would happen if there was a way for them to repair themselves? The project This is exactly what the Self-Repairing Cities Project from a group of United Kingdom universities aims...
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Why Hiring Gen Z is good idea
Why Hiring Gen Z is a Good Idea
Who is Gen Z? The Gen Z age range consists of those born from around 1995 to 2012. Millennials may be the generation most associated with up and coming technology but really it’s Gen Z who are native to new innovations.  For as long as they can remember, members of Gen Z have had some sort of smart device on them. It has become a natural habit and with this, Gen Zs' possess developed traits that other generations don't have...
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