Creating a Global Hub for Innovation
A sub division of Google, called Sidewalk, has decided to test out a new style of neighborhood right on Toronto’s waterfront. Their smart city approach is comprised of various data driven technology systems aimed to improve the quality of city life. Sidewalk with invest $50-million over the span of a year to develop the 12 acre district of Quayside. The space includes at least 3.3 million square feet of residential, office, and commercial space where a new Google headquarters will...
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Filling the Hole with Tech
Potholes. They are literally everywhere and seem to be there for an eternity. They may seem to be just a nuisance to drivers and cyclists, but in reality they can pose a much bigger threat considering all that lies beneath our streets like water, gas, and electrical lines. But what would happen if there was a way for them to repair themselves? The project This is exactly what the Self-Repairing Cities Project from a group of United Kingdom universities aims...
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Technology: Building the Tools of Mankind
For as long as humans have existed, we have always tried to improve our quality of life. One of our biggest challenges throughout history has been inventing tools to help us in our everyday lives; we wanted to put less effort into getting what we need. The first tools made by man were to help grow crops and hunt animals for food. Eventually, over centuries, we developed massive machines like tractors and plows, to help us grow and gather food...
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