5 Reasons to Attend Smart City Expo Toronto 2019

Smart City Expo is a world class platform for companies to meet and collaborate in order to create solutions for smart city planning.  Companies in innovative and smart technology industries come to this event in order to foster productive discussions and brainstorming sessions to not only identify, but to solve modern challenges and issues faced in smart cities.  By attending this event, companies are able to share, promote and prioritize research, practices and solutions.

Aversan Labs is excited to attend the Smart City Expo 2019.  We look forward to sharing our projects and learning more about what we can do to create smarter cities.  Here are some reasons why you should attend too:

1. Networking

Smart City Expo is a global event, and with over 800 participants, you are sure to make new connections.  You can speak to multiple professionals in the industry, including Aversan Labs, allowing your company to connect with other established organizations.

2. Speakers

With 45 speakers attending the event, you can learn a lot about different strategies and ideas in the innovative technology field.  Each speaker is a professional in their field of study, and can offer you helpful and exciting information about how to implement smart technology in your cities.

3. Inspiration

Bring back new ideas to your organization!  By attending the Expo, you will be able to learn about new ideas, strategies and technologies from other professionals in the industry.  You will be able to experience new projects first-hand and learn about different problems that other cities face, which can inspire you to think of innovative and creative smart solutions.

4. Themed Sessions

Having six different themes for different sessions, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at the Smart City Expo.  Attend sessions for Smart Health, Utility, Digital Transformation & Smart Governance, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Transportation – whatever sector you are focused on fixing in your city, you can bet you will be able to find a session to answer all your questions.

5. Exhibitors

There will be many different companies exhibiting at the event.  By meeting in person, you can talk and brainstorm to companies in a completely different way than through email.  Aversan Labs is also exhibiting at this event, and by meeting us in person you can see projects that we have proudly worked on showcased at our booth!  Be sure to drop by to see our products and feel free to ask questions to learn more about what we do.

Are you Attending?

If you have not picked up your ticket yet, now is your chance!  If you are attending, remember to reach out to Aversan Lab’s representatives so that you can learn more about our projects and services.  Try contacting us through our social media and we’ll be happy to set something up with you.

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